Your Privacy is Important

I, Colin Ellis, abhor the way the big companies and marketing agencies seem to think your email address and other personal details are fair-game for them to use as they wish - so they can serve you more advertising and content aimed at your weaknesses and sell your information to the highest bidder. Yuk!

You can rest-assured, I am not interested in that game.

You can sign-up for my monthly newsletter with the awareness and confidence your information will be kept private and safe under GDPR regulation.

Below are details about who is responsible for keeping your personal information safe, who to contact if you want something changed or deleted, and what companies are involved with delivering services for me, Colin Ellis.
There is also information about my use of cookies.

The various entities you may come across when in contact with me.
My company is All One Planet Ltd, and I am the sole Director.
QC Ellis is my pen-name, and is my author website. is where you will find my coaching information. is where I teach meditation
Meditation Teachers International is where I am attempting to gather qualified meditation teachers so we can collaborate.
Meditation Teacher College is where I host my courses and the All One Planet Meditation Teacher training.

The Privacy Policy for these websites can be found HERE