Coaching For Your Personal, Business Or Career Goals

Coaching in County Durham, Gateshead and Newcastle or via phone/Skype

Are you a high achiever but there is a ‘blind spot’ to attaining your ultimate goals?

Have you noticed a ‘ceiling’ on your success and know you could do better?

Do you have lots of talent but somehow you’re not achieving your potential?

Could you need more than just coaching?

If what you need is an accountability coach – supporting you by keeping you on track and asking the questions about why it’s important to you – then you do not need a Freedom Beyond Willpower Coach (however, we do offer Unlimited Laser-Focused Coaching which may suit you - see below).

If you need a coach to teach or mentor you in your business or the technical side of your goals - then a Freedom Beyond Willpower Coach is probably not what you want.

A Freedom Beyond Willpower Coach is an expert in mind, emotional and behavioural change.

Yes, accountability coaching comes as a part of the package, but we bring in a wealth of knowledge, tools, techniques, processes and protocols that go waaaay beyond coaching.

Just need a tweak of your mindset?

You have come to the right place. You know we can help with behavioural change - and your behaviours are governed by your mindset - so why waste time on mindset changes that may not be enough when you can go to an expert who can resolve it at a deep level?

Many times, the mindset change we want is unavailable due to a tangle of little stresses (traumas, upsets, frustrations - that created limiting beliefs, etc.) which need gentle untangling. Sometimes it is fast, sometimes we need to consciously unravel the bits, but with expert guidance & support you can move forward quicker and easier than trying to do it yourself (which is often impossible to do by yourself).

Not sure if you need a coach or a therapist?

You do not have to choose. A Freedom Beyond Willpower Coach is an expert in mind, emotional and behavioural change, so look at what we offer people with complex issues.

Coaching in Co. Durham, Gateshead & Newcastle - prices below

Unlimited Laser-Focused Telephone Coaching (annual)

You set up a call with the coach as many times as you need it. The call is for 15 minutes so can be easily fitted into your day. If you need more time, you set-up another call – as many times as needed.
These are laser-focused so 90% of the time, 15 minutes is all you need to get back on track, feel awesome and powering forward with your goals. When you need more, it is available at the click of a button.

Amazing Value Package
Unlimited Coaching Calls

365 Days for £690

Via Skype or phone

Terms & conditions apply.

Beyond Willpower - Breakthrough Session

If you have something important you want to achieve (eg: your own business, sports success, new relationship, etc). This is a coaching session via phone, SKYPE or 1-1, where you get very clear about:
  * where you are
  * where you want to be (your ultimate goal)
  * what's getting in the way
  * how important it is to make that shift
  * a plan of action to achieve success.
You will leave the session with clarity, enthusiasm and feel energised to take action to overcome the obstacles (once and for all) so you can achieve your dream!

Special, 90 minute session


Via Skype, face-to-face or phone.
Can also be used as a precursor to the 6 month package to test if Colin is right for you.
Terms & conditions apply.

7 Breakthrough - Fast-track - 90 Minute Coaching Sessions

Cannot wait months to overcome problems and get ahead of the game - you need it quickly?!

No-holds-barred (except, onto your hat!), mind-blowing, fast progress; using the latest, pioneering techniques for changing your life, completing your goals and achieving your dreams.

Not for the faint-hearted, so we shall have a chat about it before going ahead.

* Sessions don't have to be weekly (shorter is OK)
* Includes all relevant online courses & books

7 Session Package

£60 per session
if paid in advance

Via Skype, face-to-face or phone.

Terms & conditions apply.

Beyond Willpower Coaching

Want to use Beyond Willpower Coaching for a specific problem or goal?
Want to get individual, precise guidance?
Been to many courses & coaches but found the results didn't last?

For these reasons many people go to Colin for guidance on their personal, business or career goals.
Beyond Willpower Coaching is a unique approach that takes people beyond other methods so you quickly gain sustainable results.

Standard 1 Hour Session


Via Skype, face-to-face or phone.
Typically booked as a 6 session package.

Terms & conditions apply.

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The Vault
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