Accumulated Stress = The Bane Of Life

You will hear that "STRESS = Excitement!" and that can be true. You may have heard, "It is not STRESS that harms you but the way you react to it", and this also has an element of truth within it.
However, none of these types of statements are talking about long-term accumulated stress.

Maybe what you want is someone who:

  • Knows from experience how debilitating stress, anxiety and depression can be.
  • Has written their own book on stress & anxiety (out on Amazon in January 2019) - with unique insights.
  • Developed the Melt Stress In Minutes protocol.
  • Is willing to put his money on the line for YOUR progress by giving you a money-back-guarantee.

Why Colin Ellis?
Maybe You Are Seeking Someone Who Can Help You With...

    • anxiety, fear, worry
    • low moods, feeling stuck or depressed
    • stress - and the impact it has on your life
    • trauma (not just PTSD), accidents, nightmares
    • low self-esteem/self-worth
    • OCD behaviours
    • self-sabotage & negative minds
    • addictions or bad habits
    • phobia(s) - eg: fear of heights, social events, speaking, pregnancy bumps...
    • sensitivities - eg: allergens, emotions, energies
    • weird stuff

All the above can be resolved with a combination of therapeutic techniques integrated into unique processes for you

"The problem with old stress is, it makes us susceptible to other types of stress - therefore the problem becomes more complex and harder to resolve"

Colin Ellis "the Untangler" and Freedom Beyond Willpower Coach

That's why people sometimes may start with a bit of anxiety but end up with a bunch of (unrelated?) symptoms. They then need someone with tons of techniques to UNTANGLE the web of intertwined weeds from their mind & body.

Colin Ellis

colin knows from experience how messy, horrible, confusing & Stressful anxiety and depression can be

Since Colin talks from experience, you know he has been through a lot. Maybe not as much as many of his clients (domestic abuse for instance), but enough to really understand what it's like to be stuck, unable to be positive, feeling worthless, useless and weak, confused and emotional, feeling overwhelmed for no reason and just wanting to hide under the blankets or dull the pain with meaningless TV.

He understands, not from reading books (although he has read plenty), but from the inside-out, how hard it is to make progress when you don't feel like doing anything which may help, or the negative thinking gets the better of you and you cannot face using your willpower to take the next step in your attempts to move your life forward.

That's part of the reason he wants to take the anxiety of getting help while not knowing if you're paying for something that doesn't work...

Reduce your anxiety with a 100% money back guarantee

Colin offers a 100% money back guarantee that if you join him for a 6 month package, he promises you will DEFINITELY MAKE PROGRESS or your money back. This is UNIQUE in the industry, but Colin's ethics & integrity means he doesn't like the 'pot-luck', pay me for my time - whether YOU get results or not - model.

Colin knows that if you give him 6 months commitment then he has the tools to overcome most issues (& if he cannot, he doesn't want your money).

Colin says; "No, single-technique will overcome problems that have become complex. They tend to become more complex over time. No, single-psychotherapy model is broad enough to cover all of our human uniqueness."

Colin specialises in supporting people with complex issues to get their life back
By complex, he means a combination of things that can undermine your progress - such things as...

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • stress
    • trauma (not just PTSD)
    • low self-esteem/self-worth
    • OCD behaviours
    • self-sabotage & negative minds
    • addictions
    • phobia(s) - eg: fear of heights, social events, speaking, pregnancy bumps...
    • sensitivities - eg: allergens, emotions, energies
    • weird stuff (he knows about this - contact him for a chat)

If You Are Ready to Get Help With Your Confidence, Stress Levels & Motivation?