You Do Not Have To Do It All Yourself

Asking for help is hard. No-one wants to be seen as weak - even if we feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the struggle.

Yet, to get past your current situation, you may need more than what you currently have. Pills and free support from the NHS are great, but if they are not giving you the results you need..?

Counselling, CBT and psychotherapy can be wonderful - if you are lucky enough to find the right one for you.

Colin advocates Self-Help, but also knows from experience it often isn't enough.

Below are options to work 1-1 with Colin.
Contact Colin to discuss the best option to health, happiness and fulfilment for you.

Coaching & Mindfulness Based Therapies

Expert in stress, anxiety, low moods, self-esteem and confidence. Plus goal achievement and work-life balance.

For less complex issues, clients can get 1st class support from an expert in many therapeutic techniques, coaching and Mindfulness.

Per 1 Hour Session


Via Skype, face-to-face or phone.
Typically booked as a 6 session package.

Terms & conditions apply.

Transform Your Life - 6 Month Package

Colin often works with clients who have COMPLEX issues. For instance, they come for help with stress & anxiety and more confidence but behind that is one or more of:
  * decade(s) of domestic abuse
  * addictions
  * OCD behaviours
  * low self-esteem/self-worth
  * phobia(s) - eg: fear of heights, social events, speaking, pregnancy bumps...
  * self-sabotage & negative minds
  * sensitivities - eg: allergens, energies or emotions
  * weird stuff
He calls all this 'interference'. He doesn't promise everything will be resolved in 6 month but there will DEFINITELY be progress - or your money back!

6 Month Package

if paid in advance

GUARANTEED to get results or your money back. Flexible session length.

Via Skype, face-to-face or phone.

Free initial session to make sure you need this (and Colin can help).
Payment plan available.

Terms & conditions apply.


Photo: that lightbulb moment - in Co. Durham talking about affordable coaching for anxiety

Your Life IS Unique & Precious & You Are Worth It...

In Colin's words;
"No matter where you are located. No matter where you are with your journey into the darkness, I do not want you to suffer a day longer! I want you to be well, be happy and be free from what plagues you - without the need for willpower. I want you to be confident, free from worry, anxiety or feelings of low self-worth.
You ARE worth it!
You CAN overcome the problems that keep you stuck and miserable.
You ARE ABLE to make the changes you need to make to become the person you know deep down you truly are.

I've given many clients a simple exercise to do - they write on one half of a piece of paper, all the behaviours and attitudes they have when stressed. On the other half, I get them to write all the behaviours and attitudes that are EASY when they are free from stress

Guess what?
EVERY TIME - they realise they are NOT the behaviours and attitudes they have when stressed - those are the SYMPTOMS of the chemicals created by accumulated stress! They recognise - deep down - they are actually the nice, gentle, loving, generous, kind, responsible, thoughtful, caring person they have no need for willpower to be when they are free of stress. I know you are too!"



Get in touch! Colin's here for you...

Other ways to get in touch:

PHONE  +44 (0800 249 42 40

MOBILE  0777 63 80 324

EMAIL  [email protected]


In your own home/office - via SKYPE/VOIP or phone

Northern Integrative Health Practice
Durham Road, Sacriston, Durham, DH7 6FE

Evolve Therapy Rooms
RYTON, GATESHEAD (near Blaydon). NE40 3BB

The Vault
36 Station Road, WALLSEND, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Blackhall Mill Community Centre
20- River View, Blackhall Mill (near Rowlands Gill and Consett). NE17 7TQ

plus others - including the option of using SKYPE or via phone - please ask

Still lurking? Still unsure? Have doubts?
All perfectly normal for people with anxiety - so there are other options below for the cautious...

(as an introvert, Colin celebrates caution :-)

Colin Ellis on the river Derwent, which runs by the village where he lives

Not Ready To Contact Colin Yet?

"I want you to get your life back, now. I don't want you to waste another day in what may feel like perpetuity, staying stuck and just getting by... I want you to have a 'life worth living', full of joy, peace & purpose.
However, I completely understand your hesitancy. Stress, anxiety, trauma, depression and anything else that puts us into a place dominated by fears (large or small), does that to us.

I recognise, you do not know me, and maybe my 100% guarantee isn't the guarantee you're hoping for - maybe it is and maybe what I'm offering is exactly what you need, but I understand your doubts."


Please check Colin out. He has been a coach/teacher/therapist for decades:
- His website with almost 100 articles on meditation and mindfulness crashed, so he 
is building it anew.
- He has several online courses to share (
the FREEDOM Club gets you access to lots for half the price of a coffee).
- He has written and is publishing 
books via Amazon.
- You can connect with Colin via social media (
TwitterFacebook, etc.)

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