5 Myths of Meditation

Are they keeping you stuck or stopping you starting?

Join this interactive workshop to explore what is, and is not, possible for you with meditation

Workshop hosted by Colin  Ellis
Mentor, Teacher Trainer and Retreat Master

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Will meditation lead me to somewhere I do not want to go?

There are myths about meditation being a religion, or dangerous, or only for ascetics & saints.

Come to the workshop and find out why these ideas are inacurate.

What if I cannot meditate?

You are probably holding a myth about meditation that is getting in the way - come to the workshop and explore that possibility.

We will also try-out an easy, 30 second meditation you CAN do.

What if I've tried meditation but I'm no good at it?

Most people are in this catagory. We get hyped at first, then find it harder than anticipated. The RESULTS do not appear.

Maybe, you're not to blame but need better guidance.

Join us to go beyond the struggle.

Is this a sales webinar?

Personally, I'm jaded by webinars giving me a small piece of the puzzle (if that), then over 50% is to SELL me on a product. Yuck!

97% of the workshop is about you and the myths stopping you getting the most from your meditation practice. There are two ways to get more support: a paid course or a FREE podcast, because some people will want to explore further.

See below for what I we shall explore together on the workshop

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely, you can.
Plus, I will be answering these questions...

    • Why everything you were told about meditation is probably bogus.
    • Why meditation teachers tell you lies about meditation. (hint: conflation & looseness).
    • What is 'meditation' exactly?
    • How to meditate in under 30 seconds. This blows away many of the myths - and we do it during the workshop.
    • How can you access the happy, content feelings of meditation - and why does it elude so many people?

    Ask your questions on the interactive workshop, or via email (or voice message) prior to the workshop, or via the podcast after the workshop.


Thursday 1st October at     10am PDT    |     1pm EST    |    6pm UK

Is that time no good?
Register to get the replay - and still be able to ask questions - there are several ways to do that.

Workshop Host - Colin

Colin, aka author QC Ellis, is a Meditation: Mentor, Teacher Trainer, and Retreat Master.

Over the last two decades, Colin has been on more retreat than some Monks. He has explored many types of meditation and has learned from too many mistakes in his practice to count.

His profound insights and evolving intuition has guided people to overcome their obstacles & struggles and to attain greater fulfilment and wisdom.

How many of these
5 myths of meditation
are blocking you
from its rich rewards?

------------------------------------ Join this workshop to find out ------------------------------------