Freedom Beyond Willpower

Willpower can get you a long way in life. You can climb mountains – literally and metaphorically – with willpower as the driving force for your accomplishments. Using your willpower has a lot going for it. In fact, it seems to be the de-facto trait expounded for achieving almost anything.

And yet…

    • Did you use willpower to fall in love?
    • Do you use willpower to see the beauty in nature?
    • Do you use willpower to do all those behaviours you happen to do by habit?

And there’s more…

  • Does willpower help you to fall asleep or dream?
  • Can willpower alone, make you more creative or intuitive?
  • Is using willpower the best way to overcome anxiety, depression, addictions or a phobia?

In other words, there are parts of your life where willpower will definitely not help you to achieve - in fact, it can get in the way!


Use your willpower till your actions become habits.

Pre-determine your actions so the decision has been made before the need for willpower (uses less willpower).

Resolve the internal stuff (values, self-sabotage, etc.) so you naturally behave in ways that are helpful & true to you.

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Can YOU Go Beyond Willpower?

If you are fed-up with having to use your willpower to make the changes you seek, then Colin is ideal for you.

If we do NOT need willpower to keep doing stuff we know is bad for us - isn't that backward/weird?
If we need willpower to keep doing the things we love and want - isn't that backward/weird?

For instance: if you are the sort of person who doesn't care about ...pick your habit/addiction... then even if surrounded by it - you wouldn't need an ounce of willpower to ignore it - it's just not you.

The same goes for being confident, achieving your goals, or healthy choices.

Sometimes willpower is useful - BUT if you need WILLPOWER then (almost always), in our opinion the remedy to your situation is only half complete!

Freedom Beyond Willpower Coaching
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Accumulated Stress = The Bane Of Life

You will hear that "STRESS = Excitement!" and that can be true. You may have heard, "It is not STRESS that harms you but the way you react to it", and this also has an element of truth within it.

However, none of these types of statements are talking about long-term accumulated stress.

Using the BARREL analogy, it is as if we have a certain capacity for dealing with stress - our barrel - however, once the barrel is full, even a tiny drop of stress is enough to overwhelm us!

What fills up the barrel? Accumulated stress - maybe over decades - making us more susceptible to other stresses effecting us. We become more sensitive to more things. It's upsetting, because we think we are weak, ineffectual and broken. Nothing seems to help. Nothing based on willpower, that is - since we seem to have lost our willpower.

In a Mindfulness class, you will be told "the mind wasn't made to deal with stress and anxiety" - so no wonder you cannot 'problem solve' your way out. The same goes for willpower - it is the wrong tool for the job.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning people advocate using your willpower to get out of your funk - which simply makes us feel worse when we fail miserably to do it that way. But we can tell you - it was well-meaning, but inaccurate advice from someone who has not been given the tools to go beyond the use of willpower.

A Freedom Beyond Willpower coach, has the tools to give you affordable therapy for anxiety relief. You may be wondering, "How much will anxiety relief cost?"

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Face-to-face in County Durham, Newcastle and Gateshead or via phone/Skype

Colin on the river Derwent, chatting about how he overcame anxiety using mindfulness

Colin on the river Derwent in Co. Durham talking about affordable coaching for anxiety

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