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I am Colin Ellis, and I support people like you to go beyond stress, anxiety and the chronic use of willpower so you can embody your true nature and Awaken to your greatest potential with confidence & authenticity.

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Colin is an award-winning writer under the pen-name QC Ellis.

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Visit his author website: QCEllis.com

    Colin Ellis

    author, coach & founder of the Meditation Teacher College and its FREE mobile app

    Colin is an award-winning author, coach & mentor to Meditation Teachers

    Over the last two decades, Colin has been on more retreat than some Monks. He has explored many types of meditation and has learned from too many mistakes in his practice to count. He is also qualified in several pioneering, cutting-edge psychotherapies, as well as studied spiritual practices from various traditions (eg: Tantra & Shamanism).

    He has done this with a compassionate wish to be a part of the shift in evolutionary human consciousness.

    His profound insights and evolving intuition has guided people to overcome their obstacles & struggles and to attain greater fulfilment and wisdom.

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