Stress & Anxiety CAN Be Overcome

There is a guy, who was known as Mr Positive - until the day he was having panic attacks and realised that STRESS can undermine all your personal development and when it does, positive thinking is almost impossible!

He went through a decade of dispair, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He eventually managed to pull together a ton of tools - from Master Hypnotherapy, to Master NLP Practitioner, to Energy Psychologist, to Meditation Teacher, and more... Eventually cracking the code to finding calm, peace and confidence - and with this comes freedom from stress, anxiety, low moods and ultimately a fulfilling life.

Colin Ellis

Reduce your anxiety with a 100% money back guarantee

Colin offers a 100% money back guarantee that if you join him for a 6 month package, he promises you will DEFINITELY MAKE PROGRESS or your money back. This is UNIQUE in the industry, but Colin's ethics & integrity means he doesn't like the 'pot-luck', pay me for my time - whether YOU get results or not - model.

Colin knows that if you give him 6 months commitment then he has the tools to overcome most issues (& if he cannot, he doesn't want your money).

Colin says; "No, single-technique will overcome problems that have become complex. They tend to become more complex over time. No, single-psychotherapy model is broad enough to cover all of our human uniqueness."

Colin specialises in supporting people with complex issues to get their life back
By complex, he means a combination of things that can undermine your progress - such things as...

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • stress
    • trauma (not just PTSD)
    • low self-esteem/self-worth
    • OCD behaviours
    • self-sabotage & negative minds
    • addictions
    • phobia(s) - eg: fear of heights, social events, speaking, pregnancy bumps...
    • sensitivities - eg: allergens, emotions, energies
    • weird stuff (he knows about this - contact him for a chat)

If You Are Ready to Get Help With Your Confidence, Stress Levels & Enthusiasm - So You Can Have More Zest, Energy & Fulfilment....

Why You Want to Work With Colin...

Apart from the fact he has been called various things by clients - ranging from 'The Untangler' to 'Evil Genius', clients do find him to be a wizard at finding the root causes of their issues and untangling the mental knots they bind themselves with.

For instance, when talking to the part of a client's mind responsible for her feeling stuck in a behaviour pattern she knew was getting in the way of making progress; Colin's understanding, gentleness and logic finally got the response "Yes, I will change to the more helpful behaviour you suggest", after which the problem disappeared as if by magic.

Go Beyond Willpower

If you are sick of having to use your willpower to make the changes you seek, then Colin is ideal for you

He believes, since (for instance), there are people who are naturally non-smokers  who need zero 'willpower' to not smoke (yet are not anti-smoking like many EX-smokers) then his clients are able to become NON-SMOKERS. The same goes for being confident, achieving your goals, or healthy choices. Sometimes willpower is useful - BUT if you need WILLPOWER then (almost always) the remedy is only half complete!

Plus, Colin empowers clients to resolve their issues by giving them SELF-HELP strategies, techniques and other tools. Stress (& sh*t) happens so it's best to have usable, effective tools to use on yourself. You become your own coach, managing your own progress, with excellent support from an expert.

Accumulated Stress = The Bane Of Life

You will hear that "STRESS = Excitement!" and that can be true. You may have heard, "It is not STRESS that harms you but the way you react to it", and this also has an element of truth within it.
However, none of these types of statements are talking about long-term accumulated stress.

What YOU don't need is someone who has read a few books on stress (which all seem to regurgitate the same ineffective ideas and remedies), taking your money for THEIR time.

What YOU want is someone who:

  • knows from experience how debilitating stress, anxiety and depression can be
  • has written their own book on stress & anxiety (out on Amazon in January 2019) - with unique insights
  • created the Stop Stress In Seconds protocol
  • now exudes calm confidence
  • is willing to put his money on the line for YOUR progress by giving you a money-back-guarantee



Since Colin talks from experience, you know he has been through a lot. Maybe not as much as many of his clients (domestic abuse for instance), but enough to really understand what it's like to be stuck, unable to be positive, feeling worthless, useless and weak, confused and emotional, feeling overwhelmed for no reason and just wanting to hide under the blankets or dull the pain with meaningless TV.

He understands, not from reading books (although he has read plenty), but from the inside-out, how hard it is to make progress when you don't feel like doing anything which may help, or the negative thinking gets the better of you and you cannot face using your willpower to take the next step in your attempts to move your life forward.

That's why - despite all his qualifications and his guarantees - he keeps his fees exceptionally low. You can expect to pay no more than a single-therapy therapist (or coach with zero therapy background) would charge.

Why Colin Ellis?
Maybe You Are Seeking Someone With These Qualifications...

- Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
- Hypnotherapy Diploma (Master)
- Advanced TFT & EFT (Master in Energy Psychology)
- Counselling
- Stress Management
- Cert. Education (College Lecturer)

Studied under expert guidance:
- Meditation & Mindfulness
- Buddhism & Tantra
- EMDR, CBT, Time Line & lots more

All the above combined into unique processes for you

Colin Is Ready to Help You Get More From Life Without Anxiety & Depression So You Can Have More Confidence And Fulfilment....


Your Life IS Unique & Precious & You Are Worth It...

In Colin's words;
"No matter where you are located. No matter where you are with your journey into the darkness, I do not want you to suffer a day longer! I want you to be well, be happy and be free from what plagues you - without the need for willpower. I want you to be confident, free from worry, anxiety or feelings of low self-worth.
You ARE worth it!
You CAN overcome the problems that keep you stuck and miserable.
You ARE ABLE to make the changes you need to make to become the person you know deep down you truly are.

I've given many clients a simple exercise to do - where they write on one half of a piece of paper, all the behaviours and attitudes they have when stressed. On the other half, I get them to write all the behaviours and attitudes that are EASY when they are free from stress. Guess what? EVERY TIME - they realise they are NOT the behaviours and attitudes they have when stressed - those are the SYMPTOMS of the chemicals created by accumulated stress! They recognise - deep down - they are actually the nice, gentle, loving, generous, kind, responsible, thoughtful, caring person they have no need for willpower to be when they are free of stress. I know you are too!"


Colin Ellis @ Blackhall Mill. Other venues also available
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E: [email protected]
P: +44 (0) 800 249 42 40
M: +44 (0) 7776 380 324


In your own home/office - via SKYPE/VOIP or phone

Evolve Therapy Rooms
8 Barmoor Terrace

The Vault
36 Station Road
WALLSEND, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Blackhall Mill Community Centre
River View
Blackhall Mill, GATESHEAD, Tyne and Wear. UK

and others - including the option of using SKYPE or via phone - please ask

Colin Ellis on the river Derwent, which runs through his village

Not Ready To Contact Colin Now?

"I want you to get your life back, now. I don't want you to waste another day in what may feel like perpetuity, staying stuck and just getting by... I want you to have a 'life worth living', full of joy, peace & purpose.
However, I completely understand your hesitancy. Stress, anxiety, trauma, depression and anything else that puts us into a place dominated by fears (large or small), does that to us.

I recognise, you do not know me, and maybe my 100% guarantee isn't the guarantee you're hoping for - maybe it is and maybe what I'm offering is exactly what you need, but I understand your doubts."


Please check Colin out. He has been a coach/teacher/therapist for decades:
- His website with almost 100 articles on meditation and mindfulness crashed, so he's building it anew.
- He has several online courses to share (the FREEDOM Club gets you access to lots for half the price of a coffee).
- He has written and is publishing books via Amazon.
- You can connect with Colin via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

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