Do you want to be your best & achieve something?
But no matter how much you try, things get in the way of you being all you can be?

What if you could let go of the constant reliance on willpower to get you through the day?
No longer being disapointed in the results, or that your 'willpower' wasn't strong enough?

What if there was someone to help you with that?

Your Life is Unique & Precious

Try this...
Write on one half of a piece of paper, all the behaviours and attitudes you have when stressed.
On the other half, write all the behaviours and attitudes that are EASY when you are free from stressDownload the pdf to print and do this now.

Guess what?

EVERY TIME I ask clients to do this - they realise they are NOT the behaviours and attitudes they have when stressed. Those are the SYMPTOMS created by accumulated stress! 

They recognise they are the gentle, loving, generous, kind, responsible, thoughtful, caring person they know deep down they are. They have no need for willpower to be this way when they are free of stress. I know you are too

Go Beyond Willpower With Colin

Most people are dealing with: traumas, or addictions, or a phobia, or feeling too sensitive, or weird stuff, or “all the above”

Since Colin talks from experience, you know he has been through a lot. Maybe not as much as many of his clients (domestic abuse for instance), but enough to really understand what it's like to be stuck, unable to be positive, feeling worthless, useless and weak, confused and emotional, feeling overwhelmed for no reason and just wanting to hide under the blankets or dull the pain with meaningless TV.

He understands, not from reading books (although he has read plenty), but from the inside-out, how hard it is to make progress when you don't feel like doing anything which may help, or the negative thinking gets the better of you and you cannot face using your willpower to take the next step in your attempts to move your life forward.

That's why - despite all his qualifications and his guarantees - he keeps his fees exceptionally low. You can expect to pay no more than a therapist with a single modality will charge (or a coach with zero therapy background).

You Do Not Have To Do It All Alone

Asking for help is hard. No-one wants to be seen as weak - even if we feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the struggle.

Yet, to get past your current situation, you may need more than what you currently have. Pills and free support from the NHS are great, but if they are not giving you the results you need..?

Counselling, CBT, and psychotherapy can be wonderful - if you are lucky enough to find the right coach.

Colin advocates Self-Help, but also knows from experience it often isn't enough.

Below are options to work 1-1 with Colin.
Contact Colin to discuss the best option to health, happiness and fulfilment for you.

Transform Your Life - Breakthrough Session

You will leave this session with clarity and enthusiasm. You'll feel energised to take action - overcoming obstacles (once and for all) and achieve your dream!

Individual 90 minute session - half-price for a limited time

Via an Online Meeting

Perfect, to make sure Colin is right for you before any commitment

Colin Ellis

Author, Coach, & Lead Trainer at Meditation Teacher College (and its FREE mobile app)

Colin has been supporting clients for over two decades. He has a natural gift of finding the core problem behind the symptoms. For this, he has been given the nickname, "The Untangler".

With a large toolbox of pioneering, therapeutic methods he has the tools to help clients get past their blocks. He is qualified in several pioneering, cutting-edge psychotherapies, as well as studied spiritual practices from various traditions.

Over the last two decades, Colin has been on more retreat than some monks. He has explored many types of meditation and has learned from too many mistakes in his meditation practice to count.

Colin is an award-winning author. See his new paperback, 
There Are Onle 7 Ways to Meditate: Make Your Meditation Amazing.

His wish is to be a part of the shift in evolutionary consciousness. His mission is to take people from where they are - one step closer to evolving into all they can be.

His profound insights and evolving intuition has guided people to overcome their obstacles & struggles and to attain greater fulfilment and wisdom.

Accumulated Stress = The Bane Of Life

You may hear that "STRESS = Excitement!", and that can be true.
You may have heard, "It is not STRESS that harms you but the way you react to it", and this also has an element of truth within it.
However, none of these types of statement are talking about long-term, accumulated stress.

Maybe what you want a coach who:

  • Knows from experience how debilitating stress, anxiety and depression can be.
  • Has written a book on stress & anxiety - with unique insights.
  • Developed the Stop Stress In Minutes protocol.
  • Is willing to put his money on the line for YOUR progress by giving you a money-back-guarantee.

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